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I am a Girl   62 years old  
Country United States Hair color --
Eyes color -- Favorite color --
Favorite Celebrity Favorite Movie
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nicorobin20( 2 years ago)
marylou06( 3 years ago)
Hy Brenda, ok no problem ! Kisses
marylou06( 3 years ago)
Congratulations to you Brenda !!!!!!!!! kisses & hugs ! :)
marylou06( 3 years ago)
hello my dear !!! kisses
marylou06( 4 years ago)
congratulations, kisses !!!!
marylou06( 4 years ago)
thanks you Allie, you're so nice with me !!!! again congratulation for Fairy thales contest, hugs and kisses !!!!
marylou06( 4 years ago)
Congratulations !!! ;) kisses
calogerina( 4 years ago)
Just found it now it' s written - puny- it means small and weak!
calogerina( 4 years ago)
Great input for me Brenda, punie is now part of my vocabulary! Found the design contest, but I put in the wrong room, was in a hurry! Good work now, new idea's for a new doll!
calogerina( 4 years ago)
Was that the catastrophe of the ship Costa? It was terrible, hope they weren't personally involved as passengers, the owners of this game seem to be very nice people, hope the best to them. I haven't looked to see if there is a design contest today, keep being a volcano stylist for us Brenda. When I see all the work you come out everyday I feel like I'm the Missisippi river and you are the Niagara Falls!


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